Type 2 cable review

I used the (blue) Type 2 cable from https://evchargers.com.au/ to transfer maybe 1MWh of current, mostly at 30A single phase, but also a few times at 30 and 32A tri phase, over about a year. In Canberra, there are a few bollards organised by ActewAGL for us EV users.

This means this cable mostly worked at 7kW, but also has been used at 22-23 kW. The cable usually lives in the back of my car.

All the parts are still going strong. It heats up a little when high current goes through, which is normal.

The plugs have been plugged in/out of sockets quite a few times now and no real sign of issues so far.
The “open chargeport door” button still works.

The only thing that is not there anymore, is the cover for one of the plugs, as I broke it. So, ma bad there.

All in all, a good product that works, does what it says on the tin and is durable so far.

This product was a tad dear due to the presence of the “open chargeport door” button, which I didn’t really need but is nice to have (it’s a frill 🙂 )

All in all, I’d recommend this product and if money’s no option, or for whatever reason you need the “open charge door button”, sure get the more expensive version. If you are happy to open the chargeport door from the car or with your key fob, the cheaper version will be just as good.

EVchargers cable in use
Pulling 32A 3 phase

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