Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is another tax that a happy owner of a “luxury vehicle”, even if electric, can be hit with. There is some variance in the way stamp duty is applied (as it is a State Tax), but the truth remains that it is, indeed, a pretty hefty tax (in NSW a fully loaded Model S will attract over $11,000 in Stamp Duty). 
In QLD this would drop down to ~$4,800, and we may discuss that later. For the time being, the most interesting case (for the discerning shopper) is the ACT. 
In the ACT, Stamp Duty is exempt for new or demonstrator fully electric vehicles thanks to the Green Vehicle Scheme.

  • You order a car at Tesla online or buy a demonstrator, no Stamp Duty,
  • You buy it privately, yes Stamp Duty.

The reason why this is relevant for everyone is that, in order to register a car in Canberra, it appears all you need to provide (in addition to your identity documents – which can be issued by any state or country) is a garaging address
Yes. That is true. It seems that you can enjoy the Green Vehicle Scheme just by saying: “I keep my car garaged in Canberra, (let’s say) at this hotel’s address “. Which of course is the case.
Make with that information what you will. 

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