Random thoughts on buying second hand Model S Teslas

Did you know:

  • The P85+ and P85 (the original performance ones, rear wheel drive) are the only Model S’ (afaik) on which you can fully take out the traction control? You can literally do burn outs, or spin them out!
  • If Tesla Service staff are found to have taken traction control off while in control of a customer’s P85/P85+ (e.g. when car is in service), they shall be sacked immediately.
  • Traction control on P85+ is, basically, a “tighter” leash than on Dual Performance models? The real life implications of this for the Dual are that, in a high speed turn/bend, you can actually get a few degrees of oversteer, which literally means you can make a PxxD Tesla powerslide. This is not much (only a few degrees), and I only recommend attempting to achieve this on a closed track (as if you over-cook it, the traction control kicks in and your car will suddenly lose power). Also if you enter the corner too fast you may experience understeer crash!
  • The RWD P models do not allow almost any back-end slide (with traction control on), which means they feel very planted. Also, when the traction control kicks in (because it kicks in so quickly), the loss of power is not as obvious/significant. The real life outcome is that in a RWD P model you can enter a corner and mash the go pedal even harder than in a PxxD model, with higher confidence and almost no power-slide.
  • From a RWD tail-happy perspective, the regular RWD Teslas (the originals) are the absolute best. In terms of fun/bang per buck, imho they are much better than the D models – which corner as if on rails, but don’t give opportunity for much fun. If I was to purchase a second hand Tesla, I would go for a RWD instead of a D model (of course unless needed for travelling to the snow).
  • The second seats row in the 6 seater Model X does NOT fold. This means that it is literally easier to throw a big Downhill mountain bike in a Model S than it is in a Model X 6 seater. This is not the case with the 5 or 7 seater.
  • If you’re under 1.75m and not too wide, you can actually sleep on the floor of your Model S, just behind the rear seats (which you have moved forward). This is a very flat surface as opposed to the surface of the boot when you fold the rear seats (there is a “step” where the bench is).
    So in terms of purchasing a (second hand) Tesla Model S, there are real differences.
    If you want fun on the cheap(ish), get any RWD one (60, 70, 75 or 85).
    If you want to go to the snow, get any D model.
    If you want fun AND to go to the snow, a P85D, P90D and P100D model will do.
    If you want fun and you’re loco, get a P85 or P85+ and drive it everywhere with the traction control off.

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