Where is Zee Power?

Zee Power is, most definitely, at home. Apart from the ability to plug into your regular home mains, EVs can be plugged into higher power home mains (which a sparky can set up for relatively low cost.). On the road you can find different types of charging stations, from relatively low power up to very high power. Most EVs come with a free home wall-mounted charger (EVSE), but all EVs can be charged with a portable charger (EVSE) at any suitable mains – including the ones in your garage. 

EVs can be charged with different electricity, via different plugs. Click button to be enlightened. 
Specialised gear is required to charge the car from mains. Find out all about it here. 
Electrical outlets also have a few variations – but most will charge your EV. Here they’re explained
You have/want an EV. Here you can see (most) charging locations, and be amazed at how practical EVs are.