Changing wheels – Tyre pressure sensors

Teslas come with tyre pressure sensors as standard. The tyre pressure sensor is a pesky little thing that was mandated by the US legislature after a car cash “back in the day”.  It sits in your wheel valve and wirelessly sends information to your car’s computer.


  • Lets you know if you have a flat
  • Lets you know if the tyre pressure is too high or too low (disputable
  • Nothing else that I can see.


  • These sensors make rotating your wheels a hassle, as the car gets confused as to the location of the sensor and may give a warning.
  • Changing tyres/wheels requires purchase of new sensors OR transfer of existing ones, or the car keeps warning.
  • The sensors are expensive (I was quoted by Tesla $4xx for a new set. I don’t know the exact number because after four hundred I stopped listening).
  • Gives a false sense of security, as people may rely on its reading. The problem is, some sensors are not that accurate. Imho it’s better to check the tyre pressure even with a slightly un-calibrated petrol station gauge, as the gauge will allow you to bring all wheels to the same pressure. Tyre pressure sensors may be “off” in different directions, resulting in over and under inflated tyres in the same time, potentially on the same axle. 
  • Tesla can not turn the warning off. Which is odd, since this is Australia and standard tyre monitoring is an US law.  

As a recommendation, I have no idea. The way I see it, one can:

  • Live with the warning.
  • Purchase tyre pressure monitors (from Tesla or otherwise).
  • Move the sensors from the old wheels.

2 thoughts on “Changing wheels – Tyre pressure sensors

  1. Hoffman accessories Reply

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  2. john doe Reply

    This tire pressure sensor doesn’t capture my interest. First, it is expensive and a lot of electronic gadgets right now are not really accurate. Second, it is very expensive and wasteful because you have to buy a new set if your tires will be changed. You’ll have to worry about buying a new set of sensors and a new set of tires. That is why I would suggest that it is much better to monitor your tire pressures manually and make sure that you are ready whenever a tire incident may occur. Nothing beats the natural.

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